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Land Available Deep in the Heart of Wyoming!

Each 160 acres is $69,995 with $695 down payment

Casper, WY

Casper, WY Casper,WY

Casper, WY


Property Description - This is raw, unimproved grazing land without utilities (power, telephone, water lines, sewage, etc.) of any nature and residential usage is not represented or implied. No current or future uses or values are being represented.

Zoning - The property is zoned Agriculture (A) which allows, among other uses, “any
combination of single-family dwellings, mobile homes, manufactured homes,
seasonal dwelling or bunk houses under single ownership, incidental and
customary to the primary use, and not for rent or lease.

Mineral Rights - No detailed search for mineral rights was conducted, but the original rancher reserved 50% of any mineral rights that he might have owned. Thus, a new buyer will receive 50% of any or all mineral rights that were owner by the original rancher.

Utilities/Water - No utilities of any nature are represented and the seller has no estimates as to the cost of any such services. While a property owner has the right to drill a domestic water well, the success of finding water can never be guaranteed and might be difficult in this location.

Access - There are recorded access easements from a public highway across all private lands to the property, however, an actual physical road may or may not exist at this time.

Property Taxes - Taxes are currently approximately 50 cents per acre annually.

Surveys – USGS (United States Government Survey) maps are utilized and many times the old survey stakes are located. These USGS maps cover section (640-acres) corners and private surveys have not yet been performed.

Cattle Grazing - This is open rangeland and others have the right
to graze cattle and livestock on the property. However, a new owner can
terminate that right by fencing out the property (but the fence must be set-back
30 feet from property boundaries to allow cattle ingress and egress).

Transfer of Title - In Wyoming it is normal and common for title to be transferred by means of Sales Contracts (also know as “Contracts for Deed”) whereby recorded title is held until payment in full, at which time a Deed is issued in the buyer’s name. The seller currently has a Policy of Title Insurance covering this property (a copy of which will be made available upon request), but the buyer can pay an additional premium and have a new policy issued by First American Title Company.


Casper, WY