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The Landowner Bulletin

Our group of companies was one of the first in the nation to offer large tracts of acreage in Wyoming, South Dakota and West Texas at truly wholesale prices with just a few hundred dollars down and without credit checks of any kind. Our plan worked spectacularly and our timing couldn't have been better -- so good in fact that too many imitators along with rapidly increasing land values have all but eliminated the business of marketing 40-acre, 80-acre, 120-acre and 160-acre tracts of low-priced acreage in these states. The major reason being that there simply isn't any more low-priced acreage available and owners of large ranches are no longer selling. While this situation might be bad for a land marketing group (like us), it is certainly great for the large number of our customers who originally acquired these tracts from us. Our sincere advice is to hand on to these 40-acre, 80-acre, 120-acre and 160-acre tracts being as Will Rogers said, "They ain't making anymore!" Yes, there are a few companies still marketing 40-acre tracts but prices are usually in the $80,000 to $100,000 price range.

Wyoming, South Dakota and West Texas have all experienced tremendous increases in land values.  Thus, for all practical purposes, we have basically ceased searching for more land projects in these states.  Again, while this might be bad for us it is great for previous buyers of our land!  We will continue, however, to market the few defaulted tracts that we get back from time to time.  You can inquire about possible defaulted tracts by emailing arlenekayc@aol.com

"Location, Location, Location" - it is an old axiom in the real estate business that the most important item is always "location".  In reality, from a pure land investor's point of view, that assumption is dead wrong!  The most important item in any land deal is "price/terms, price/terms and price/terms!"  As an example, assume you acquired a parcel of land in downtown Chicago or on the outskirts of a fast growing town in Southern California (no one could argue these weren't "top locations"), but then assume further that it took years to get proper zoning, tenants, utility bonds, and on and on.   The location was great and the purchase price was fair, but bureaucratic time delays and/or a downturn in the economy resulted in a financial disaster.  On the other hand assume you simply acquired a tract of rural acreage in the "boondocks" (the "experts" would tell us this is a bad location" for a small down payment and monthly payments that you could afford, wherein rezoning, future tenants, utility bonds or the state of the economy had very little, if any, affect.  At the end of a 10-year cycle the land would be worth more money due to more people being born, more demand being created and inevitable inflation (making our dollars worth less and less every year). 

Arkansas is a state that we believe, after a long and detailed investigation, might offer fabulous land buying opportunities.  There are trees, county roads, usually utilities and always very beautiful scenery.  The Landowner Bulletin will inform you of opportunities in this state

A few thoughts from the Ole Country Boy Philosopher:

"Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine."

"The only time the world beats a path to your door is when you are in the bathroom."

"If all is not lost, then where is it?"

Doug Caffey & Affiliates (DCA) publishes The Landowner Bulletin periodically
and Arlene Caffey can be reached at (916) 687-8118,

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